Hello to my fellow girls who like to sweat as much as I do!

My name is Gabby and I am an Equinox Personal Trainer as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am a graduate from Lehigh University (work hard, play hard am I right), former Division 1 athlete, (shout out to all the other former athletes who decided frat parties were way more enticing) and was a member of the Freshman +/-15 weight gain club (not sure if this club actually exists but it should). I have a passion for fitness, nutrition, and let’s be real, looking fab in a bathing suit. I think girls rule and boys drool (not really true because boys are awesome) but I do believe in Girl Power. That’s right, I said it, Girl Power. We are strong, capable and smart girls and as Queen B (Beyoncé, duh) always says, “Who runs the world, Girls!” So stick around if you want to hear my quirky rants, pick up some healthy food tips, and learn how to train like a girl!

With sweat and love,

Gabby Drucker

The health and fitness advice that doesn't make you want to roll your eyes 

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